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WYK Fresh Wintergreen Scented Deodorizer Sorbent - 5.3 Gal. Pail

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Part Number:2602W
  • FAST - INSTANT ABSORPTION :Neutralizes odors on contact and leaves a pleasant wintergreen scent
• Neutralizes odors on contact and leaves a pleasant cherry or wintergreen scent.
• Easy to use and comes in a convenient resealable shaker jar, pail or box container.
• Safe to use and will not stain, smear, or harm floors, carpeting or upholstery.
• Excellent at absorbing vomit and odorous liquids quickly and effectively.
• Deodorizing sorbent for use in the bottom of garbage cans, dumpsters,
  receptacles for sanitary napkins and surgical dressings.
• Air freshening sweeping compound, attracts and holds onto dust when
  swept across the floor.
• May be used to soak up non-aggressive liquid spills overcoming any
  odors in the process. It will absorb up to 8 times its own weight in liquids!

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