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Universal Sorbent Sock  4

Universal Sorbent Sock 4" x 12'; 10/cs

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  • FAST - INSTANT ABSORPTION :A Laboratory pillow will absorb 750 ML of chemicals in less than 20 seconds!
  • HIGH CAPACITY:Absorbs up to 14 times it's own weight ion liquids!
  • RETAINS 100% OF LIQUIDS ABSORBED:Actually solidifies chemicals without release later passing the TCLP & PFT test.



Lightweight and easy to handle, WYK Universal/Chemical Socks and Pillows are ideal for use on unknown liquids. They instantly soak up chemicals eliminating harmful and volatile vapors.

  • High capacity—absorbs up to 14 times its own weight so you use less and have less waste Instant sorption
  • Begins working immediately to save labor and reduce clean-up time
  • Retains and solidifies liquids and passes Paint Filter and TCLP Tests
  • Reduces fire hazard—inhibits vaporization by reducing fumes

Available in many sizes to meet your requirements. All four inches in diameter providing containment of liquids even after saturation.

Best Sellers:

#600- 4   Foot Socks, Packed 15 socks per case,  absorb up to 10 US Gallons !

#606- 6   Foot Socks, Packed 10 socks per case,  absorb up to 10 US Gallons !

#608- 8   Foot Socks, Packed 10  socks per case, absorb up to 13 US Gallons !

#610- 10 Foot Socks, Packed 6 socks per case,    absorb up to 10 US Gallons !

More sizes available, consult factory

Weights will vary dependent upon the density of natural minerals.

Not for use on hydrofluoric acid or HF compounds

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