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Single layer Drain Blocker 36" X 36"

Your Price: $470.00
Part Number:963A
  • Blocks Spills:Blocks spills from entering grates, manholes and drains

The DrainProtector™ II is a NEW reversible safety seal. The pad is constructed of a solid tacky urethane product with no fillers that delivers a tough, durable seal using either side. Due to its lighter weight, the drain cover can be used quickly for emergency chemical spills.


Since the DrainProtector™ II is tacky on both sides, either side can be used to form a tight safety seal to block out liquids.

After using, simply wash the DrainProtector™ II, replace the plastic film, roll it on the tube and return the tube to the container. The DrainProtector™ II is tough enough to stand up to repeated use.

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