* One year shelf life from date of purchase
* One year shelf life from date of purchase

FluidLoc Super Absorbent Polymer, 2 qt. shaker carton

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Part Number:830-2
  • HIGH CAPACITY:absorb up to 150 times it's own weight!
  • WORKS INSTANTLY!!:Very fast encapsulation of aqueous (water) based liquids
  • RETAINS 100% OF LIQUIDS ABSORBED:Does not release liquids, turns them into a gel for easy cleanup

Uniquely formulated encapsulator has the power to solidify while eliminating odors.  Super concentrated - absorbs up to 250 times it's own weight in aqueous based fluids.  Fast, safe and easy cleanup. Ideal as a blood and body fluid sorbent.

Fluidloc in non-reactive, no-flammable, non-toxic, inhibits vaporization and is completely safe to use. Absorbs all Aqueous (water based) liquids. Will not absorb oils or petroleum based liquids

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