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FluidLoc Industrial #872 Shaker Cartons - 36 lBS.

FluidLoc Industrial #872 Shaker Cartons - 36 lBS.

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  • EASY, SAFE CLEANUP:Works fast to encapsulate Silica Slurry for safe disposal
  • HIGH CAPACITY:Encapsulate up to 250 times its own weight in water and water based slurrys
  • More package sizes available:Scroll down to view more details and available sizes


Safe solution for the new construction “wet cutting” silica slurry Treatment Standard
OSHA 1926.1153 Respirable crystalline silica


    900 GALLONS    1,080 GALLONS    1,200 GALLONS      4,802 GALLONS
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Contractors now have an economical and simple solution to contain, cleanup and safely encapsulate silica slurry created during construction wet cutting operations. FluidLoc - Industrial helps you to meet OSHA, Local, State & Federal agency guidelines for proper disposal of wet silica slurry.

OSHA: “Any slurry generated when using water to suppress dust should be cleaned up to limit secondary exposure to silica dust when slurry dries”

  • Safe cleanup that’s fast, easy and effective
  • Encapsulates all respirable silica captured by water suppression tools
  • No further treatment is required. Simply bag and dispose of safely
  • Converts into an encapsulated solid, non-hazardous waste
  • Works instantly saving you time and labor costs
  • Highly efficient encapsulating up to 250 times its own weight in water and water based slurries
  • Available in kits containing FluidLoc-Industrial, containment berms, clean up tools, detailed instructions and WYK Safety Sorbent for the final drying of the area when finished.

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