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AcidSafe Pillow 12"X12" - 8 per Case

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Part Number:AN612
  • COLOR INDICATING!:AcidSafe sorbent pillow indicates as it's working

ACIDSAFE sorbent socks and pillows instantly pull the acid drips into a matrix that provides a buffered

neutralization and color indication as it’s working. When sock or pillow is saturated simply pick up and replace with a new ACIDSAFE sock or pillow. No

mess, professional looking maintenance and protection for your battery recharge drip pans.

• ”Quilted” for improved strength and even neutralizer distribution. This improves the life of the sock or pillow

and assures efficient usage of the neutralizer.

• DRIES THE SPILL! ACIDSAFE completely dries up the acid and surface below allowing for easy and

safe pick up after neutralization. This product completely eliminates the sticky mess associated with

acid neutralization with sodium carbonate neutralizers. It leaves a dry, safe floor when your finished!

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