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AcidSafe Battery Wash/Indicating Neutralizer Spray-32oz bottle 6 per case

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Part Number:AN3300
  • NEUTRALIZES ACIDS & BASES:Neutrtalizes & solidifies acids while providing a color change indication when safe to handle

How to use:

1. Always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before cleaning batteries and equipment.
2. Spray ACIDSAFE directly on soiled equipment and batteries. ACIDSAFE is a ready-to-use solution with no
mixing required. Allow a few minutes for the ACIDSAFE to go to work.
3. Use appropriate size brush or scraper to scrub and clean off the batteries and equipment. Use more
ACIDSAFE as needed to completely clean off any corrosion, grease or grime.
4. ACIDSAFE (purple liquid) will turn to a yellow/orange color when it comes in contact with acids or acidic
corrosion. Neutralization is complete when this liquid turns back to purple. Spray additional ACIDSAFE on the
battery or equipment to insure a uniform purple color is reached.
5. Dispose of used materials in accordance with local, State and Federal regulations.

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