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Before, during and after any spill of chemical, insecticides or other hazardous materials the quicker the spill is contained the cheaper the cleanup will be and the impact on the environment will be greatly reduced.  Using the best tools to clean up a spill will decrease the amount of time required for cleanup but will also reduce the cost involved for cleanup operations.  Stopping a spill before it starts is by far the best solution yet and to that point we offer a variety of spill prevention items in our catalog also.
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Spill cleanup solutions for today's Spill and Hazmat situations!

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Why wait for a spill to occur before you act!  Our pillows and socks not only clean up a spill, but in a known spillage situation like condensation and leaking machinery they contain the liquid to a well defined area.   Why wait till a disaster strikes to find out you do not have the tools for a spill cleanup!  We have a complete line of products for your spill & hazmat cleanup using our absorbent socks and pillows. 

Protect your home & business from unexpected and dangerous liquid spills! Don't' mop it up, sorb it up!

High Capacity - Absorbs up to 14 times its own weight so you use less and have less waste.

Instant Sorption - Sorbents begin working immediately.  Save on labor and reduce clean-up time

Retains & Solidifies - Sorbents pass Paint Filter and TCLP tests.

Reduce Fire Hazard - Sorbents inhibit vaporization reducing fumes.

Safe to Use - Universal chemical compatibility eliminates errors when emergencies occur.



Our line of socks contain liquids before they have a chance to enter drains and cause harm to the environment.  Both oil and water based spills can be contained.

Our line of socks contain liquids before they have a chance to enter drains and cause harm to the environment.  Both oil and water based spills can be contained.

The chemical socks and pillows we sell are ideal for use on unknown liquids.  The inert non-biodegradable sorbent is perfect for containment and clean-up of organic and inorganic chemicals, petroleum based liquids, solvents, coolants, as well as many other liquids.  These lightweight, easy to handle products are available in a variety of sizes and forms to meet your application needs.  We also carry general purpose and oil only socks and pillows.

Description Shipping
U002600 4" x 4 socks; 14 per case 11 lbs. 10
U002603 4" x 10' Socks; 6 per case 11 lbs. 10
U002630 4" x 14" x 1.5 Lab Pillow; 18 per case 5 lbs. 4
U002640 10" x 18" x 2" Large Pillow; 20 per case 21 lbs. 20
U002641 10" x 10" x 2" Medium Pillow; 15 per case 10 lbs. 10
U002645 10" x 18" x 2" Large Pillow; 12 per case 13 lbs. 12
U003460 Haz-Mat Drip Pans; Case of 3 reusable pans & 12 pillows 12 lbs. 7

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